Zecoitaly, or rather Zecoitalia, has gone through alot of history through it's past. It had it's first war in 1770 with Britain Called "The breakthrough war" Because it made Zecoitalia a new country in the world and it established a whole new colonization. People started moving in and out of the country drastically and a Treaty was signed Between the British and Zecos. In 1940 Zecoitaly joined World war II and allied with The USA and increased the number in soldiers to fight in war. When the war ended, Zecoitaly and the USA stayed allies and the Zecos started using their currency Zeco trade and US dollar. Zecoitaly also allied with China, England, and Canada

In the 1990's, the economy broke down a bit and a major loss of jobs was in play but it improved in 2003 and in 2004 it ended. They then stopped being allies with Britain in 2005 because they felt like they weren't communicating well with the British.

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